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Can you afford to have your photos retouched? Can you afford to NOT have your photos retouched? If you look around at actor headshots these days, the answers you will likely arrive at are "probably not" and "no". Retouching can be expensive, no doubt. But think about your photo shoot, for which you undoubtedly spent plenty of money and time in preparation. When you pick that handful of photos to represent yourself, don't you want them to look as best as they possibly can? Many of my clients have been shocked at the improvements I can make to photos they were already satisfied with.. In the right hands retouching makes a good photo great

For very competitive rates, I can remedy your headshot of its ailments, including color balance, brightness/contrast, overexposure/underexposure, teeth whitening, isolation/manipulation/replacement of background, blemishes, hair shape, stray hairs, shiny skin, bags under eyes, hair highlights/shine/de-shine, clothing issues, and very importantly, making your eyes pop.

Email me [clutchretouch@gmail.com] if you're ready to start, or keeping looking around: samples of my work
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• I want you to be ecstatic with the results, and I will take my time to do the job right. I spend a bare minimum of 30-60 minutes retouching a photo, plus the time it takes to communicate via email, prepare invoices, and convert and send files. For good retouching work, that is a bargain by the hour!

• Every modification to your photo is kept in a separate 'layer', which is 100% customizeable. Any changes I make can be tweaked quickly at your request and sent back for your approval.

• I keep your files on my hard drive (and secure online backup) indefinitely. Let's say six months from now you need to print up new headshots, but you have a few more changes you'd like done. Piece of cake, you won't even have to resend your files, and you'll get a return-customer discount.

• In addition to all the retouching elements I've mentioned, I can also crop and format your headshot to your liking, which includes adding your name in a font of your choosing in an aesthetically-pleasing manner. If you've ever dealt with setup fees and the proofing process at headshot printing houses in this regard, you'll definitely appreciate this service!

• I offer volume discounts that start after your second headshot, making it easy for actors to present their agents with a handful of beautifully-retouched options, or as is common in this digital casting age, to have a half-dozen great-looking photos in their online profiles (for just over $100).

• I make life easier by working almost entirely online: email and Paypal eliminate the need for in-person transactions and driving. For this reason, although I am based in Los Angeles, I have clients from all over the country. If for some reason you prefer, or need, to handle things in person, that can be arranged (I live in Toluca Lake).
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"I highly recommend Matthew at Clutch Retouch for any photo correction work you need done. We had a number of photos that required completion on a quick deadline and all of them were retouched beautifully and Matthew perfectly interpreted our suggestions and comments. We are thrilled not only with the results, but with the ease of communication provided and the time and effort he put into each photo. Our retouches were completed on time and at an excellent price. We will definitely use Clutch Retouch for our retouch work in the future".
- Christiane and Tara Brown

"Clutch Retouch offers a high quality service at a very reasonable price. The service is personalized and taken care of to the last detail. What surprised me the most was the delivery time. Super fast!"
- Andrea Dantas  

"You are the BEST!!!"
- 'anonymous'

"Mathew at Clutch Retouch did a superb job on my photo retouch. The clarity of each photo are amazing. Since posting them on-line I have booked many jobs. Thanks Matt"
- YV

"The service I received from Clutch Retouch was amazing.  At a great price they were able to make my photo even more presentable than I ever thought it could be!  The colors were more vibrant and my features pronounced!  I would definitely recomment Clutch Retouch to friends and use it again myself!"
- Erica Musyt

"Matthew takes the time necessary, and makes every effort, to provide you with the photo you want. He is extremely responsive, timely, professional, and great at what he does! I am very pleased with my the outcome of my pictures. Thanks Matthew!"
- Naomi Glick

If you need headshots retouched, you probably know that being "true to reality" is important. If the photo you hand a casting director really doesn't look like you, then you are just wasting everybodys' time, including your own. This is why my focus and technique is on making you look your best while still looking like *you*

Having said that, I am able to enhance muscle size/definition, grow or reduce body parts, change hair and eye color, airbrush and smooth skin, and so on. If you have a need for that level of retouching I'd be willing to give you an estimate.

If you've looked at my work and decided you'd like an estimate, email me your photo(s) and describe what you'd like done. I can also do a variety of graphic design including, but not limited to, postcards and business cards. Further instructions and prices can be found on the rates and details page.

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